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Safe Schools for All

Safe school in IR. Iran


The 2009 Second Session of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction proposed that by 2011 national assessments of the safety of existing education should be undertaken, and that by 2015 concrete action plans for safer schools should be developed and implemented in all disaster prone countries [1]. The Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping of Schools (DRES) of I.R. Iran has achieved structural development in implementation of safe school's plan and retrofitting of school building that lead to disaster risk reduction in Iranian schools in the last 10 years. Also DRES made a major contribution towards promoting safety culture of students' and school staffs' awareness.

1- Safe Learning Facilities

Nowadays, education as a universal social phenomenon is an integral part of social life and nearly all children around the world receive primary school education. Schools and classes are the institutional units necessary to perform the technical functions of the educational system. Classrooms play an important role in children's learning process and it is essential to identify the factors that create favorable conditions in this space.

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2- School Disaster Management

Students are considered as one of significant and effective social strata in changing attitudes of families and society based on sustainable development which grows in schools and according to the system of the Ministry of Education. School, as a place in which students spend a considerable amount of time, should provide safe conditions for students, so that parents feel secure about their children and students can educate without any stress. For this end, the Ministry of Education with the cooperation of disaster management organization and the Red Crescent organization established School Disaster Management Committee to decrease the risks in educational centers. This committee was established with the aim of mobilizing school forces and facilities to participate in preventive measures. These measures include: preparation of students and teachers, recognizing structural and non-structural risks and using preventive or mitigation methods against the disasters.


3- Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Education

Education and training as an effective system has always been considered in the society. Improving the quality of education depends completely on providing proper education in accordance with society and students' needs. Therefore, teachers play important roles in schools. In order to achieve safe school purpose, the Ministry of Education as a learning and educational structure, play important role in improving safety culture of students through creating disaster management group and workshop, teaching disaster management curriculum and courses such as:

  • School safety Principles
  • Disaster management bases and passive defense
  • Mechanism of earthquake and other natural incidents and dealing with them
  • Resilient School
  • Successful experiences in educating disaster management
  • Finding shelter and emergency evacuation practice
  • First aids
There is pictures example of Iranian safe schools constructed or retrofitted by DRES with financial support of government and public contribution.