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Safe Schools for All

Research Phase

Since 2003 government of IR.Iran and parliament decided to improve safety level of schools, simultaneously DRES determined to generate standards and regulations to achieve safe school. According to the Hyogo Global School Safety Framework, DRES decided to lead action in disaster prevention and preparedness to resilience and recovery of schools after earthquake occurrence. Cooperating with technical experts, consultants, architects, engineering societies, university professors, research institutes, and elite local universities have been planned.

Also there is a list of distinguished projects related to retrofitting of schools conducting in cooperation with high-ranked university professor, engineer associations and research institutions named as follows. These researches benefit from the strong synergy between the science, engineering and management disciplines. 

  • Reviewers committee and technical supervision on the research contracts and technical reports on structural engineering

  • Regulations for seismic evaluation and rehabilitation of masonry walls retrofitted by shotcrete

  • Sensitivity of out-of-plane behavior of unreinforced masonry walls to in-plane damage
  • On the influence of bay number, vertical load and connection rigidity of the frame on the behavior of infilled frames
  • In-situ static cyclic and forced vibration tests on unconfined and confined masonry school buildings
  • Evaluation of seismic connections of special concentric bracing
  • Guidelines for assessment and rehabilitation of school structures by infills
  • Evaluation of retrofit and demolish/reconstruction plans for vulnerable school buildings and proposing general actions plan
  • Experimental evaluation of the nonstructural infills in moment resisting frames
  • Evaluation of the retrofitting techniques on the brick and tile school building with the emphasis on shotcrete

On the other hand, general action plan has been scheduled and performed by DRES in order to achieve the mentioned target in development schedule as follows:



  • Affirming a commitment to take action of disaster risk reduction in schools of IR. Iran
  • Recording the data related to vulnerability of schools and relevant guidelines and regulations
  • preparing a national plan for the disaster risk reduction in educational centers
  • estimating required budget to increase safety level of schools
  • Coordinating and cooperating with consulting engineers
  • Establishing a center of national management and peer review system to retrofit school projects of IR. Iran


  • Increasing the number of consulting engineers
  • Providing training courses for national and local authorities, engineers and experts related to the importance of disaster risk reduction
  • Establishment of the technical committee of the retrofitting of school buildings for collaboration between the studies and clarifying the ambiguous issues
  • Management and peer review of the technical reports by the central office
  • Establishing the portal of technical reports and instruction, news, published and shared documents about schools


  • Producing the required research projects on safety of schools in cooperation with national top universities and research institutions
  • Presenting a vulnerability assessment method in the three retrofitting procedures for every school in more than 55000 classrooms
  • Implementation of retrofitting methods for more than 26500 classrooms
  • Developing the technical guidelines
  • improving the risk assessment methods with high performance
  • Managing the projects by the local offices and peer review by the central office
  • Developing scientific and research area (experimental and soft computing methods)
  • Development of Retrofitting Methods