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Safe Schools for All

Problems and Policies

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Preparing an action plan needs a thorough definition of problems to be addressed and an explanation of what the appropriate solution might be taken. Problems related to safe school may include four main areas describing in following:

  • Study and Instruction
  • Funding And Legislation
  • Organizational Administration
  • Retrofit Implementation


1- Study and Instruction:

Study and instruction is important because it will govern how the actions should be taken. A clearly defined issue makes the determination of the themes for developing the solution easier. The troubles related to study and instruction area are mainly defined as: Complicated codes, Low experienced engineers and lack of sufficient database, absence of definite instruction and action plan, variety of solution and lack of sustainable method to select the optimized one.

2- Funding And Legislation:

The most effective challenge is about funding and legislation that lack of them could lead to inability in project implementation. Development and expansion of these programs is made possible by governmental and private funding.

3- Organizational Administration:

Organizational administration refers to how administrators of organization arrange the resources of time, budget, personnel and space to achieve maximum capacity in dealing with safe school project.  Inexperienced manager and employment limitation of organization has been in deficit in recent years. 

4- Retrofit Implementation:

The process of making possible a compatible use for building through repair or recovering is considered as a definition of retrofitting. Low experienced contractor and limited time for construction are the difficulties in safe school project related to construction and Restoration. Restoration may involve the replacement of outdated heating and cooling system with new ones or installation of new one that never existed at that time.

Strategies to solve the problems:

  • Establishment of a technical committee in national level of retrofitting of school buildings for collaboration between researches and industry as well as clarifying the ambiguous issues
  • Holding the training courses for national and local authorities, engineers and experts
  • Publishing technical reports and instructions
  • Establishing a web based portal in order to introduction and expansion to safe school findings.
  • conducting widespread researches related to safe school in cooperation with national elite universities and research institutions
  • Developing the new retrofitting procedures based on quality, time and cost consist of the shear wall, perimeter shotcrete, safe classroom and center core methods.