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Safe Schools for All

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  • Educational Equity
  • The Seventh Meeting of Technical Working Group (WG1) on the Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS)
What is a Safe School?
The worldwide initiative of safe school (WISS) was proposed in Second Session of Global Platform on Disaster Reduction in 2009 for the first. During the session it was planned that national assessments of the safety of existing education should be undertaken by 2011 and concrete action plan for safer school should be developed and implemented in disaster prone countries by 2015[1].

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Second Meeting of Safe School Leaders
Second meeting of safe school leaders will be held on 4-5 October 2015 in Tehran hosted by Ministry of Education of Iran and DRES with cooperation of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR). This international conference will welcome the representatives of committed countries.  It also prepares an opportunity to share achievements and lessons learned from safe school implementation in countries through the world. The first meeting was convened by government of Turkey last year.

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Donors and Public Contribution
​Millions of children around the world suffer from unsafe educational environments. In other words, they do not access safe learning opportunity considered as basic need. Accessing financial resources is the key factor in promoting safety level of schools and also providing learning courses to build the culture of safety between school staff and students. Lack of safety in this area could lead to loss of innocent children’s lives in the case of disaster.

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