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Safe Schools for All


These days millions of children are suffering from quality of education considered as a basic need for all of them. Lack of financial resources to build or reconstruct schools, prepare facilities and provide training courses is the main reason of low-quality education. In some cases under standard level of educational situations lead to loss of innocent children’s lives in disaster occurrence. One of the main aims of safe school is reducing the death toll and decreasing financial losses by improving level of educational center according to three pillars as follow: safe school facilities, school disaster management, and risk reduction education. 

Donation and participation in public development, preparing learning situation and helping needy people have been admired greatly by Islamic culture of Iran. Therefore, one of the most important goals of Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping of Schools of I.R. Iran is the management and mobilization of the financial resources allocated by donors and government to develop and improve school’s quality. In this scope, an annual festival titled "Annual Festival of Donors on the development and reconstruction of Schools" is held in each province center of I.R. Iran. In recent annual festivals, active donors were appreciated and acknowledged.

It is worth mentioning that other groups such as government and non-government-owned banks, non-profit organizations (NGOs), national and local institutes are actively involved in construction, renovation and equipping of schools project in all over the country under supervision and cooperation with Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping of Schools of I.R. Iran.

Also preparing a web-based forum that was neglected during the last years in order to record donor’s information and contributions to school, has been established to reach following issues;

  • Gathering the data of active donors in schools development and reconstruction
  • Official announcement about donors supporting programs
  • Preparing a voluntary donors association
  • Providing a communication link between Organization for Development, Renovation and Equipping of Schools of I.R. Iran, Donors and  other volunteers
  • Pursuing the donors activities and commitments
  • Drawing statistical reports of resources mobilization that have been prepared by the donors and other volunteer